The Five

The Five (L-R: Hasai, Sunspark, Segnbora, Freelorn, Herewiss)


The Five: Sunspark

The Five: Sunspark Elemental. Shapeshifter. Traveller among worlds. Trapped in an adventure it hadn’t been planning on… and wouldn’t have missed for anything   The nearly infinite Pattern of constantly-shifting dimensions in which our world’s universe resides allows for near-unlimited interpenetration by travelers capable of breaching the worldwalls at will. In such conditions, many a […]

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Segnbora and Hasai

The Five: Hasai

The Five: Hasai Last-born dragonet of the Great Journey. Set apart for having the wrong shape of soul. Stranger in a strange world… until his true family finds him.   Hasai ehs’Pheress was hardly out of the egg by his people’s standards when the distant world on which Dragonkind was born was swallowed by its

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In the shadow of his City...

The Five: Freelorn

The Five: Freelorn Errant prince. Outlaw. Reluctant demigod-in-training. The last, best hope to save the Middle Kingdoms from their final downfall… and a very bad bet. As the only known child of Arlen’s last king, the path of Freelorn stareiln Ferrant stai-Héalhrästi to the Throne of his forebears should have been straightforward. But Lorn’s early

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The Five: Segnbora

The Five: Segnbora Powerless Firebearer. Unemployed swordswoman. Last daughter of a failed House. Hunting for purpose, and finally finding it… in the very last place she looks.   Segnbora d’Welcaen tai-Enraesi, scion of a minor family of the Forty Noble Houses of Darthen, is living on borrowed time. Within her she houses too much of

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Herewiss s'Hearn

The Five: Herewiss

The Five: Herewiss Part-time swordsmith. Reluctant sorcerer. Novice strategist and tactician. A man with a mission… and a problem. As the sole surviving heir to the rule of Darthen’s rural Brightwood province, Herewiss’s early life should have been quiet and unremarkable, occupied by the studies that would underpin his lordship and the occasional call to

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