The Door into Sunset

Armies may help you take your throne. But the Gods decide if you’ll keep it. Freelorn of Arlen faces his fate, playing out the King’s moves in the endgame of a world…

In the third and climactic volume of the Tale of the Five, Freelorn, exiled prince of Arlen, heads home to battle for his lost throne at last… but the odds are stacked against him. His land has achieved an illusion of stability under the reign of his usurping half-brother Cillmod. Not everyone is convinced that Freelorn’s rule—even though he is the rightful heir and chosen successor to the semi-divine White Lion of Arlen—would be that much of an improvement.

And there are those who will do whatever it takes to keep Freelorn from retaking his throne. Chief of these is the sorcerer Rian, Cillmod’s chief advisor, who has helped the usurper twist to his use the royal magics that have preserved Arlen and its throne for centuries. And though Freelorn has the aid of Herewiss, the first male in centuries to possess and master the dangerous Power of the blue Fire, and of Eftgan, Queen of Arlen’s ancient neighbor and ally Darthen, even their combined power may not be enough to break the deadly grip of the dark force manipulating Cillmod and Rian to Its own ends.

Freelorn and his friends and allies—human and otherwise—must now put their lives on the line in a final campaign in which he and they discover they have become tools in the hands of the Goddess against Her most terrible and ancient enemy. And for Freelorn, the final sacrifice to save his land from the triumph of an age-old evil will confront him with a choice more terrible than anything he could have imagined: death with those he loves… or immortality without them.

“The series as a whole seems destined to become one of the best in the genre.” (West Coast Review of Books)

“The culminating battle will disappoint nobody. Imaginative, well-handled magical affrays, plus plotting that provides enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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