The Tale of the Five

The three novels comprising the main Middle Kingdoms story sequence. The fourth and final novel is in progress.

The Door Into Shadow

The Door into Shadow To help her lover reclaim his stolen throne, Segnbora swears to pay whatever price the Goddess requires. And then discovers some prices may be far higher than expected… Unable to focus the blue Flame of Power despite years of training, Segnbora lived the life of a wandering swordswoman or common sorceress […]

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The Door Into Fire

      The Door into Fire A sorcerous swordsmith desperate to achieve true power. His stubbornly nonmagical sword. His princely runaway lover. His hungry new fire elemental. Put them all together, and what can possibly go wrong?… Herewiss is the only man in centuries to possess the Power of the blue Flame, but he can’t use or

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